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Hello Culturists !

New York City is my temple. Living here has taught me patience and compassion while immersed in a cultural landscape like no other. Whether you are rooted here or only visiting for a few days, this
“culturezine”  exists to encourage you to know something new about this magical and magnetic city.

Create a magical experience while exploring the city’s galleries.

Understand the gift of diversity, a new day filled with Manhattenesque experiences.

Love the unique pulse of its many cultures.

Toast to expanding your cultural awareness, drink at a rooftop bar.

Uncover the hidden gems that are unique to our Big Apple.

Renew your passion, take in a play off the beaten path, an indie film, a Philharmonic concert.

Introduce yourself to new ideas, find your center in Central Park.

See it all through the innocence and enthusiasm of a child, visit a children’s museum.

Travel, explore, enjoy!

New York City is home to more than 700 art galleries; 380 nonprofit theater companies; 330 dance companies; 131 museums; 96 orchestras; 40 Broadway theaters; 15 major concert halls; five zoos; five botanical gardens; and one aquarium. That is only where the cultural landscape begins …check daily for so much more and start exploring today!

Each day is a new day with new opportunities — check back often for more ideas!

This daily events “culturezine “, is the only web culture magazine to cull ongoing events that reflect the diverse cultures and ethnicities in New York City.

We welcome your feedback as I continue to seek and share the city’s daily delights. Your comments are welcome. Contact us via email :

Enjoy NYC!

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